Play Visual boosts your personal branding skills through a free DIY storytelling toolkit. Find inspirations for your social media stories and create visual content to engage the crowd.

“Images are the pathway to human emotions, and emotions govern how people make decisions.”

(Seeing is believing)



Play Visual aims at providing emerging musicians with tools and skills to promote themselves. By using Play Visual, artists can get inspired and build their personal brand while creating engaging visual stories.



Play Visual is a creative playground where visual storytelling is triggered and facilitated. Social media platforms have changed the way people connect, find information and entertain themselves. Users share pictures, videos and thoughts on the internet, and get constant feedback from their social network. Moreover, the proliferation of portable digital devices has enabled users to easily create and share visual stories. By using a psychological approach inspired by the notion Narrative Identity, Play Visual positions itself as a tool for creating brand identity and boosting DIY visual storytelling.



Play Visual is a concept by the Visual Storytelling Team of MediaLab Amsterdam. It has been developed as a spin-off of an applied research project started by two researchers from InHolland University of Applied Sciences. Findings from this research showed that Visual Storytelling could be the key for young creatives’ careers, because of its effectiveness on the human brain. From the meeting between the researchers and the organiser of Dancetour – dance events taking place in 12 different Dutch cities – the project finally switched to a more practical level. To sum up, the questions was: “How to enable young musicians’ production of visual stories?”. Ended up at the MediaLAB, this question was answered by designing Play Visual.
In other words, Play Visual is making use of research insights to design tools that help young musicians to boost their personal brand.





Play Visual wouldn’t have happened without the help of the people listed below. The Visual Storytelling Team would like to thank them all:

– DJ Quincy Wilson, for sharing his stories and making us believe anyone could do the same, it was just about triggering memories in the right way.

Dirk Malschaert from Dancetour, for using our Visual Contest prototype, providing us with testers, enabling our fieldwork and providing us with insider insights.

Esther Bouw and Helma Weijnand-Schut from InHolland University of Applied Sciences, for their help in the research stage, and for the support in the design process.

– Luca Marchiorello for building the website.

– Sanabria, for testing our cards, being our testimonial and being a constant presence in the final part of the project.

– Andrea Raffaelli, for making the video.